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Creative End of year- Teachers gifts

The school is closing and it is the time for end of school year teachers gifts. This year turn to your creativity for the teachers gifts from your heart. Some of our favorite blogs:

Fairy Garden In A Pot

Found on

Found on

Pencil Flower Bouquet 

Found on


Pencil Cup 


Found on

Found on

Decorative Flower Pot 

Found on

Found on

Yarn Ball bookmark


Found on

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Facebook – Engaging “Memorial Day” post

Tracking social media engagement is crucial part of social media campaign. It is simpler to keep track of followers and likes, but the question still remains, “Are we achieving our goals?”

In a social media campaign, the important goals is increasing engagement and traffic to your website, growing your community and improving customer service. For achieving these objectives the main challenge is creating content and measuring the effectiveness of the content.

Measuring brand engagement in the social media is the best step in achieving your goal. A good content and effective engagement impacts your business by increasing traffic, growing brand awareness, talking with community members and showcasing your voice. Measuring engagement is not easy as it varies from platform to platform.

In this post we took a look at highly engaging Facebook post/messages for Memorial Day. We used the method of measuring engagement proposed by  Avinash Kaushik. In his post he touts that the best Social Media metrics are:

Conversation rate – This is the number of replies per post on Facebook. We awarded one point for each reply.

Amplification rate – If a post is being shared , it’s being amplified. As shares help us reach wider audience than our community we award 3 points for every share.

Applause rate – When the post is liked meaning our audience are applauding us we gave 2 points to it.

Economic value – This is the sum of short- and long-term revenue and cost savings. As we don’t know what the organization economic goals of these posts , we gave this metric zero.

For this post we only took conversation rate, amplification rate and applause rate for measuring the engagement for Memorial Day post.

Our top picks.

Score: 4675 Source: Facebook

Score: 4675
Source: Facebook


Score: 3280 Source: Facebook


Score: 1812 Source: Facebook

Score: 1812
Source: Facebook


Score: 652 Source: Facebook

Score: 631 Source: Facebook

Score: 631
Source: Facebook

Score: 652 Source: Facebook

Score: 264
Source: Facebook



Tips for Pinterest – Use images for your business advantage

Pintererst is a visual social media that can enhance your business’s e-commerce. Here are 5 quick tips to help your business grow.


Set up a business page: First things first. When you create a Pinterest account join in as a business. Add your business website to this account. This helps your audience that you are genuine. Add pins from your websites and blogs

Keep an eye for Gifs.: Moving images have great evolved with the innovation in mobile technology. Users are looking for quick and easy downloadable content. It allows you to engage your audience in an effective manner.  A relevant Gifs can get your many re-pins.

Photo found in Pinterest Blog

Photo found on Pinterest Blog

Be current: Being   current is the mantra of all social media. Pinterest is not different. Just don’t talk about your business all the time on your Pinterest page. Talk about current topics like trending news events, celebrations like Mother’s Day, 4th of July etc. This approach will help your audience be connected with you even outside your business.

Found on Vvia Pinterest

Found on via Pinterest

Image size matters: Pinterest is image dominant social media. It has been seen that images of certain sizes have more re-pins.

Profile image: 165 x 165 pixels

Pins in feeds: 238 pixels and height depending on the image size

Complete board size: 238 x 284 pixels

Images on your website for re pins  80x 80 pixels

Photo Credit: Rob Russo

Photo Credit: Rob Russo

Rich pins : Make your pins useful to your audience by creating rich pins. Adding an extra detail  gives the users the ability to directly act on the pins. Examples of good rich pins are – recipe ingredients, diet plan, price of products etc.

Found on

Found on via Pinterest

A look back at TiE Challenge

Around this time last year we were brainstorming our new idea of VocalBee with friends and other business people. That was the time a few seasoned entrepreneurs suggested us to apply to different accelerators. TiE Challenge, an accelerator started by TiE Boston was one of those suggested accelerators.

For people who don’t know what startup accelerator is; it is a kind of a program that is built to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies. It’s a man-made perfect storm of mentorship, access to technology, office space and an innovative community, packed into a short time frame. Essentially, the function of an accelerator is to turn the art of starting a company into a program that can be repeated, churning out valuable companies as if on an assembly line.

TiE Challenge is also designed to boost startups; and the energy they have to offer is the energy developed by a lot of serial entrepreneurs that are willing to give back to the entrepreneurial community. Looking back I think it was a good decision to try TiE Challenge. Luckily, we were one of the winners of 2013 TiE Challenge. There are quite a lot of accelerators around but TiE Challenge is one of the few accelerators that are started by seasoned entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We met quite a lot of smart people after we joined this accelerator. We also have a few mentors that we got through this program and they are still helping us.

We got graduated from this program and 2014 program is about to start. If you are a startup looking to accelerate your growth; mainly don’t want to make expensive mistakes and learn from others then you need to give this accelerator a shot. You can apply here.

Here is a quick list of what I thought about this accelerator:

  • The accelerator is started by seasoned entrepreneurs, so the advice you get is very rich and appropriate.
  • They do not take any equity from the company. Their mission is to foster entrepreneurship.
  • Though this particular program is based in Boston, the TiE network is very big (63 chapters worldwide), so your reach is going to increase many fold.
  • They also have a strong Angel group and it is easier for TiE Challenge companies to pitch to that group.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. I would rather have this journey with experienced people around me; who are ready to spend time with me and know what that journey means.

Memorability – Worth remembering

Mobile users take 1.4 Billion photographs per day with one goal of capturing the moment forever. We, at VocalBee, have created an algorithm to calculate a score (RecallRank) between 1 and 10. The higher the RecallRank for an image, the greater the chance that people will remember it.

Image memorability is the extent to which a photograph is remembered. An interesting research at MIT has found that the properties of the image are what make a photograph memorable and a highly memorable image is not subjective to human taste.
Though there is no hard and fast rule for an image to have a high memorability score, photos with people and enclosed spaces have high recall rank. Beautiful high-resolution pictures of scenery and outdoor pictures without people have low memorability.
We decided to scan some of the photos tweeted at Boston Marathon 2014 and calculate their memorability. Began in 1897, Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon. This marathon is hosted by several cities in Greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts on Patriots’ Day.

Below are some of our picks.


Twitter: DWsAsylum Memorability:8.29

Twitter: @DWsAsylum
Memorability Score:8.29

Twitter:@jhbostob26 Memorability Score: 8.29

Memorability Score: 8.29

Twitter:@SiCarswell  Memorability Score: 8.27

Memorability Score: 8.27

Twitter: @NSCSN Memorability Score: 8.27

Twitter: @NSCSN
Memorability Score: 8.27

Twitter:@Kellyemerson Memorability Score: 8.25

Memorability Score: 8.25

Twitter: @jhboston26 Memorability Score: 8.23

Twitter: @jhboston26
Memorability Score: 8.23

Customer journey with a brand

Whether you own a business or just had a lemonade stand as a kid, you know how hard it is to get customers.

Every brand (every business) can be successful only when they have customers who see value in them and are ready to pay their hard earned money to utilize the product or service created by that brand. But before the customer spends money there is a lot of work that goes into attracting and convincing customers. There is a phenomenon that the customer goes through, in relation to a brand, called the “5L journey” which transitions them from ignorance to loyalty. CustomerJourney   These 5 “L” phases make a pyramid as shown above.

1. Lack of knowledge: This is where the bulk of the customers are in relation with any given brand (exceptions are very big brands like Coke, Pepsi, Microsoft, Google etc.). This is especially very true for smaller brands. No matter how good the brand is, it is useless if people don’t know about it.

2. Learning: Once people get to know about a brand, they need to learn more about it. Prospective customers need to get educated so that they will think whether or not they are the right candidates for that brand.

Businesses need to set proper strategies to establish brand identity and customer education. Thanks to social media and other digital technologies, it has become easier for businesses to establish their brand identity. But now, due to increase in media presence, brands have difficulties in grabbing customer attention.

3. Like: This is the phase in which customer likes the brand. In social media settings, this is a phase when a prospective customer likes a brand’s Facebook page or starts following them on Twitter.

4. Love: This is the phase when the prospective customer turns into a real customer and buys into the brand. This is when this newly converted customer really starts seeing the value.

5. Loyalty: This is the phase when the customer starts recommending the brand and becomes an ambassador of it.

Brands needs to make sure that they take good care of prospective customers to make sure they become loyal fans of the brand because just because a customer knows about a brand doesn’t mean that they will buy into it. The “Love” phase is when the customer reaches to their pocket and actually gives money to the brand. The “Loyal” phase is when an average customer becomes a repeat customer.

Brands also need to make sure that enough importance is given to loyal fans as they are the most effective and important marketing instrument that any brand could posses. With today’s highly connected society these ambassadors can really make or break the business. Also, brands need to use different tools and techniques to make sure that the voices of loyal fans get amplified properly. Nowadays, with the power of social media, the influence of these loyal customers is immense and if businesses harness it properly, they can blow up.  

Source: The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand – by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio

The Lady 8 Home and Teddie Peanut Butter

Meet Minnie Gupta, the mind and soul behind The Lady 8 home and VocalBee’s first guest blogger. Minnie is a full time mom, homemaker, blogger,writer and event manager. Her blog has more than 20K followers. Here is her review of Teddie Peanut butter, one of the clients of VocalBee. Hope you enjoy it!

The original blog can be seen at Teddie Peanut butter – a review .


Teddie Peanut butter – a review




Most of you who have been following my blog know that I don’t dig peanut butter. So when a friend approached me to review a jar of peanut butter, I was obviously a bit hesitant. Good thing is my older one can survive on this thing, so I knew it would not go unappreciated.


This friend of mine has launched a visual platform called ‘VocalBee‘. It’s an extremely interesting medium where anyone can click pictures and upload them through the VocalBee app. These pictures are then processed by the brands that they represent, and if the companies accept those pictures, the uploader gets rewarded with charity/cash prize/coupons/ deals etc. For example, if you upload a picture of a product you love on VocalBee app, the company can accept the picture in their portfolio and you might be rewarded. The association can also be done using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is not a promotional post, I really am plugging it because it’s a great platform.


Vocal Bee is also has another great program that they are currently developing – it’s called Photo Memorability. It processes a photograph and records its memorability quotient – which is how memorable the picture is and what is its retention power in people’s memory. Can you think of a picture that you remember more than the others, though it might not have been the best clicked picture even?



Teddie Peanut butter company is one of their first clients that they are working with, and my friend wanted me to give their product a try. So coming back to the peanut butter, I called in my son to become the taster and give his opinion.

He promptly declared that it is one of the best he has had.


I gave it a thought, and I knew it would not be fair to write about a product without tasting it. Much as I dislike it, I picked up a spoon. I was also curious to know the difference between our regular jar of peanut butter and Teddie Peanut butter.

I dipped a spoon in and I really liked it. Going by my dislike of peanut butter, trust me, that’s huge. I REALLY liked it. Specially with some savory chips that I had on hand. It worked as a perfect dip!


My husband and I even had it on bread and could actually get it down the throat without gagging.


I am really glad to have at least one peanut butter that I can eat. I won’t say I am a convert, not exactly, but I do like the organic version of this peanut butter. I got one that has flax seeds. It’s more granular and I like that one too.


I wanted to make something out of it, something savory, considering how well it paired with the ‘chakri’ (a spicy Indian snack, store bought). However, the last few days have been utter madness. I started on a new job, and with the advent of spring, the evening schedules have gone haywire as the sports season start. So excuses aside, I decided to make some peanut butter banana shake.


My sons love milkshakes. That is their normal breakfast, along with an egg. I try to bring in a variety, but had never tried it with peanut butter.


The shake turned out so good that even my younger one who abhors peanut butter had it (though he is not a convert either, not yet). My older one asked for more, and had some after coming back from school.



Peanut Butter Milk shake
Author: Minnie@thelady8home
Prep time:  1 min
Cook time:  1 min
Total time:  2 mins
Serves: 2
  • 1 full glass chilled milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 tbsp All Natural peanut butter (I used Organic Teddie Peanut Butter)
  1. Put all three in a blender and blend till smooth.
  2. Serve cold.