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Thank you Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011

When we started our journey as a product company we were more concentrating on TEXT and Voice side of the mobile technology but when we first started getting our hands dirty in app development we were certain that this is the direction we wanted to take. This was not only because App market was becoming hot. This was because we came to know that we can really do a lot of cool things on those small devices and solve some tough business problems.

In this process what we are learning is how to make product deeper in functionality but easier on usability. And the credit of this goes to Apple and brain behind that fruit Mr. Steve Jobs.

Thank you for your contribution to the world.


Some of the posts we found on Twitter which talk a lot about the man:

@aplusk – ashton kutcher

I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs

@om Om Malik

new morning, old tears, same old tear in my heart. god i wish it was the day before. #SteveJobsRIP

@TenchiGBG Rashawn Morone

3 apples changed the world: -Apple eaten by Eve -Apple that hit Newton -Apple by #SteveJobs (Rest In Peace)

@clintfisher – Clint Fisher

Finding it hard to shake this Steve stuff. Specially when you’re surrounded by stuff he made. #stevejobs


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