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Photos gone more Social on Twitter!!

April 3, 2014

Last week Twitter announced two new mobile features that make photos on on the platform more social. One is photo tagging, which lets user tag the people in the photo; the other is the ability to include multiple photos. These changes once again underlines the importance of rich content in Social Media.

Now users can add upto four photos and tag up to 10 people in a photo. Tagging is going to increase the user engagement and searchability of photos many fold. Another interesting feature of tagging is that it does not take any characters away from original 140 characters.

This is quick how to of these new features. I have used Twitter iPhone app for this.

1. Open Twitter message editor and either take photo or select a phone gallery. If you take a photo then that photo goes into your phone gallery and gets selected for you to use. You can take multiple photos or select up to four photos from the gallery. The following figure shows the interface for multiple photo selection. You will notice a new text “whos’s in these photos?” That is a new tagging functionality.



2. Once you click on “Who’s in these photos?” label you will get a drop down of Twitter handles to select from to tag.



3. When you tag a picture with a particular handle that handle gets notified about the tagging. But there is a way to change notification using Notification settings as seen below.



4. You can also have a control on who can tag in a setting.



Brands and businesses are going to love this feature a lot. In fact every business that is consumer facing should take advantage of this feature for marketing and outreach.

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