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A look back at TiE Challenge

May 6, 2014

Around this time last year we were brainstorming our new idea of VocalBee with friends and other business people. That was the time a few seasoned entrepreneurs suggested us to apply to different accelerators. TiE Challenge, an accelerator started by TiE Boston was one of those suggested accelerators.

For people who don’t know what startup accelerator is; it is a kind of a program that is built to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies. It’s a man-made perfect storm of mentorship, access to technology, office space and an innovative community, packed into a short time frame. Essentially, the function of an accelerator is to turn the art of starting a company into a program that can be repeated, churning out valuable companies as if on an assembly line.

TiE Challenge is also designed to boost startups; and the energy they have to offer is the energy developed by a lot of serial entrepreneurs that are willing to give back to the entrepreneurial community. Looking back I think it was a good decision to try TiE Challenge. Luckily, we were one of the winners of 2013 TiE Challenge. There are quite a lot of accelerators around but TiE Challenge is one of the few accelerators that are started by seasoned entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We met quite a lot of smart people after we joined this accelerator. We also have a few mentors that we got through this program and they are still helping us.

We got graduated from this program and 2014 program is about to start. If you are a startup looking to accelerate your growth; mainly don’t want to make expensive mistakes and learn from others then you need to give this accelerator a shot. You can apply here.

Here is a quick list of what I thought about this accelerator:

  • The accelerator is started by seasoned entrepreneurs, so the advice you get is very rich and appropriate.
  • They do not take any equity from the company. Their mission is to foster entrepreneurship.
  • Though this particular program is based in Boston, the TiE network is very big (63 chapters worldwide), so your reach is going to increase many fold.
  • They also have a strong Angel group and it is easier for TiE Challenge companies to pitch to that group.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. I would rather have this journey with experienced people around me; who are ready to spend time with me and know what that journey means.


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