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Facebook – Engaging “Memorial Day” post

June 2, 2014

Tracking social media engagement is crucial part of social media campaign. It is simpler to keep track of followers and likes, but the question still remains, “Are we achieving our goals?”

In a social media campaign, the important goals is increasing engagement and traffic to your website, growing your community and improving customer service. For achieving these objectives the main challenge is creating content and measuring the effectiveness of the content.

Measuring brand engagement in the social media is the best step in achieving your goal. A good content and effective engagement impacts your business by increasing traffic, growing brand awareness, talking with community members and showcasing your voice. Measuring engagement is not easy as it varies from platform to platform.

In this post we took a look at highly engaging Facebook post/messages for Memorial Day. We used the method of measuring engagement proposed by  Avinash Kaushik. In his post he touts that the best Social Media metrics are:

Conversation rate – This is the number of replies per post on Facebook. We awarded one point for each reply.

Amplification rate – If a post is being shared , it’s being amplified. As shares help us reach wider audience than our community we award 3 points for every share.

Applause rate – When the post is liked meaning our audience are applauding us we gave 2 points to it.

Economic value – This is the sum of short- and long-term revenue and cost savings. As we don’t know what the organization economic goals of these posts , we gave this metric zero.

For this post we only took conversation rate, amplification rate and applause rate for measuring the engagement for Memorial Day post.

Our top picks.

Score: 4675 Source: Facebook

Score: 4675
Source: Facebook


Score: 3280 Source: Facebook


Score: 1812 Source: Facebook

Score: 1812
Source: Facebook


Score: 652 Source: Facebook

Score: 631 Source: Facebook

Score: 631
Source: Facebook

Score: 652 Source: Facebook

Score: 264
Source: Facebook



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